The Adventures of Terra Tarkington

Hard to imagine this book getting published today. Especially if it had been written by a man instead of a woman – The Adventures of Terra Tarkington:

Terra Tarkington, a member of the Interstellar Nurses Corps assigned to a distant outpost in the constellation Taurus to treat the ailments of bizarre aliens, falls in love with dashing Dr. Brian-Scott and becomes a pawn in intergalactic espionage plots involving the KBG and the GIA.

I read this when it came out, having first read the review in Analog. I’ll have to dig out that issue and see what it said, but I don’t recall the reviewer focusing on/obsessing over sexism to the exclusion of everything else in the book¬†a la Liz Lutgendorff. From what I remember, it was actually a silly but clever parody of the “sexy damsel in distress in space” pulp-era stories¬†it appears to embody.