The Evil League of Evil is Given Pious Advice

John C. Wright gives a certain molting vulture the (very genteel) back of his hand.

It’s a pity more people don’t write this way. And it’s funny that you won’t see people on the other side of the argument doing so – too few opportunities for dropping f-bombs, and it’s an unsuitable style for using “Riiight?”, “Seriously?”, “I can’t even”, “Wow, just wow”, and the other mindless catchphrases that make up so much of their attempts at communication.

Larry Correia and the Hugo Nominations

This is interesting:  An Explanation About the Hugo Awards Controversy

Larry is an awesome writer. No question. But damn – he writes more in a single blog post than I manage to write in a whole day of dedicated writing. Makes me jealous.

The shorter short version of the linked article is that he’s exposed the hypocrisy of the left-leaning SF/F crowd regarding its bias against and exclusionary habits towards those with whom it disagrees. It’s delicious.