Speaking of Things That Look Like Settings From the Book…

This image at Wikipedia bears a striking resemblance to how I pictured the Ares IV “homestead” site in the simulation at the beginning of Chapter I, minus the “rump” portion of ERV Lilith.

Mars Direct base artist impression - N. Oberg
Mars Direct base artist impression – N. Oberg

You can almost imagine the suited figure as Amber preparing to fire up her jetpack.

Mars Society Links to “In the Shadow of Ares”

I missed this a couple weeks back, but the Mars Society linked to In the Shadow of Ares. Unfortunately it isn’t a review of the book, so there’s no telling what they thought of it. 

The Mars Society has an important role in bringing about ITSOA. The Ares mission design is of course derived from Mars Direct, MS founder Bob Zubrin’s brainchild. Carl and I know each other through the old Louisiana chapter of the Mars Society, which we helped found back in 2000. And the idea for the book originated from a panel discussion on Mars in science fiction at the 2001 Mars Society Conference at Stanford University.