How the Hugo Awards Became a Battleground

Milo Yiannopoulos offers an interesting if brief sampler of the SFWA conflicts over the past few years along with background on the “Sad Puppies” Hugo slate: How the Hugo Awards Became a Battleground.

But while the examples of manufactured grievance may be absurd, few members of the SFF community are laughing. New York Times bestselling author Larry Correia told us that SFF is currently in the grip of a “systematic campaign to slander anybody who doesn’t toe their line,” which is breeding a culture of fear and self-censorship. “Most authors aren’t making that much money, so they are terrified of being slandered and losing business,” he says. The only exceptions are a “handful of people like me who are either big enough not to give a crap, or too obstinate to shut up.”

Considering Yiannopoulous’ recent coverage of #gamergate controversies and personalities, I wonder if he plans to turn this topic into a similar series of articles covering the various incidents and people involved with the SJWification of SFF. I suspect so, seeing as how Larry Correia was soliciting reader help Wednesday in collecting ugly comments made by the SJWs of SFF, apparently on Yiannopoulous’ behalf (the responses to this solicitation make for some eye-opening reading).