“He Has Walled Me In”

Just a reminder, our new Ares Project universe short story, “He Has Walled Me In”, is available on Kindle for only $0.99: “He Has Walled Me In”

Recently recovered from a crippling illness, Leon Toa sets out on his first solo trip to Port Lowell. For any other Martian settler it would be a routine drive, but for Leon it’s a chance to rebuild his battered self-confidence and demonstrate his regained independence – both to his fellow settlers and to himself. When unseen forces interrupt his trip deep in an unpopulated and unexplored network of canyons, he must uncover the truth about his past before what’s left of his future runs out.

The story takes place (like another short story we plan to have finished in the next couple of weeks) in the period between In the Shadow of Ares and Ghosts of Tharsis. While it doesn’t feature Amber Jacobsen, it does give readers a glimpse into life in the other Martian settlements and shows some of the technology available to the settlers – and how it can be used for both good and ill.