AresProject.com is the home site for the novel In the Shadow of Ares by Thomas L. James and Carl C. Carlsson.

About the Name: The term “Ares Project” derives from the backstory to the novel, in which a joint US-Russian program sends the first five crewed exploration missions to Mars in anticipation of later settlement activity. Oddly enough, our use of the term in this context predates NASA’s choice of “Ares” for its (now canceled) Constellation Program rockets by approximately two years.

About the Image: The image used for the cover of In the Shadow of Ares and at the top of each blog pageĀ is from an area above the waterfall Skogafoss in southern Iceland, near the volcano Eyjafjallajokull which erupted in March 2010:

Road Trip: Day 2Contact: You can contact us via james at aresproject dot com, or carlsson at aresproject dot com.

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  1. As coordinator of the annual Prometheus awards – http://www.lfs.org – I have good news for you but have been unable to find a way to call you or email you: This novel has just been nominated for our Best Novel category. Please contact me asap so I can give you more information, send you an official email confirmation and discuss with you our awards judging process. Contact Michael Grossberg at mikegrossb@aol.com with your direct email address and phone number. Or call me at 614-236-5040. THANKS and congrats…

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