About the Authors

Thomas L. James has been hooked on space exploration since the age of three, when he watched coverage of the Apollo 17 splashdown on television. Thomas lives in Denver, Colorado, where he is an engineer in manned spaceflight and small-sat programs.

Carl Carlsson was born and raised in Florida, where the Apollo Moon landings were intertwined with his earliest memories. His early enthusiasm for space was tempered by the realization that it would be a long time before space was open to more than a select few. Eventually, he realized that it would be private enterprise, rather than government-funded exploration, that would lead to the permanent human settlement of space. Carl is an environmental engineer and power plant manager, and lives with his wife and three daughters in Houston.

2 thoughts on “About the Authors”

  1. As a diversion this afternoon from the work I was supposed to be doing today, I searched on Amazon for a realistic science fiction account of the settlement of Mars. Your book was exactly what I was looking for. Two minutes later, after installing Kindle on my iPhone, I had your book purchased and in hand. My workday is shot, as I can’t put down your book …

    It’s awesome. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for downloading, and for the praise.

    Please tell your friends, if you like the book!

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