Life Imitates Art – Smart Smartphones Edition

Boeing and DHS are working on neuroadaptive security features for smartphones, not unlike the biometric security features we imagined for MAs combined with an MA’s capacity for simple learning: DHS WANTS BOEING TO TEST A BRAIN CHIP IN FIRM’S SELF-DESTRUCTING ‘BLACK’ SPYPHONE

The “secret sauce” of the mobile device is a so-called neuromorphic computer chip that simulates human learning, Vincent Sritapan, the program manager for DHS’ mobile device security program, told Nextgov….

The companies “pretty much are leveraging user behavior information” from data gathered by sensors found on any standard consumer smartphone, Sritapan said. Those feelers could include microphones, cameras and touchpads, he added. The artificial intelligence could help agencies determine, “Are you who you say you are, and do we give you access to enterprise resources like email?” he said.