Coming Soon: Smaller Nukes?

Does the forecast nuclear renaissance include smaller nukes?  The folks at NuScale Power in Oregon seem to think so:  Small Nuclear Ready for Big Splash.  I’m a strong supporter of nuclear power, but disagree that small nukes will be practical for electric generation anytime in the foreseeable future.  At least on Earth…

In the Shadow of Ares includes what we consider technically achievable near-term Mars settlements, meaning ones heavily dependent on nuclear power.  Solar will play a role, but most other terrestrial power sources will have no relevance.  What too many humans today irrationally fear on Earth will be indispensable as we open up a new world.

One thought on “Coming Soon: Smaller Nukes?”

  1. For those interested in the future of nuclear power, here’s a great backgrounder book: A Case for Nuclear-Generated Electricity

    It’s written for a general audience, and most teenagers who have been through basic middle-school science classes or high school physics should be able to understand it with ease.

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